Women's Flip-Flop Sandals - Soft & Comfort, Slide On

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Look stylish and have fun in the sun with the RAYEN® Women's Toe Flip-Flop Sandals. The trendy and effortless design will take your summer wardrobe to the next level. These sandals are easy to slide on and have a classic square toe. They are made with quality construction to provide a comfortable fit and lightweight material to allow for the perfect beach look. An essential item for the summer season, these sandals are the perfect choice for any beach enthusiast.


- [TRENDY & EFFORTLESS] These square-toe flip-flops are trendy and effortless, making them the perfect summer accessory. The slip-on style makes them easy to slide on, so you can spend less time changing shoes and more time soaking up the sun!

- [QUALITY CONSTRUCTION] The RAYEN® sandals are made with quality construction, allowing for a comfortable fit and lasting style.

- [SLIDE-ON] These sandals are easy to slide on, making them the perfect choice for any beach look.

- [SQUARE TOE] The classic square toe makes these sandals unique and stylish.

- [SOFT & COMFORT SYNTHETIC] The synthetic material makes these sandals lightweight and comfortable to wear, so you can soak up the sun in style.